Designing and manufacturing of packaging taking in to account collection requirements of bran of a client is the
most important and complicated stage in realization of a finished make-up good. It is impossible to create interes-
ting and attractive design without knowledge in printing technologies and design specialties of the packaging.

Our company works with the wide variety of packaging – from standard design to original, which we can design
and manufacture especially for our client.

We present brief information about kinds of printing technologies for our clients. We hope it will help to under-
stand both, client and our company, during discussing and formulation of the project. To look through and know
more link on interested You pages.

Art Soffio is a professional manufacturer of finished make-up goods with more than 12-years successful experi-
ence, as well as can provide consulting services in technical designing. This is one of important aspects, because
one graphical project can be represented using different printing technologies, what helps to find the best version
for the manufacturing.

We offer a wide variety of forms and designs of packaging for make-up. Any printing and full packaging arrange-
ment are possible DECORATION PACKAGING.

Modern esthetics and unity of the most variable color palette of our product, high production manufacturability
and original design ideas will help You to create unique and attractive product on the market PAPER PACKA-