Make-up mirror is a complementary make-up accessory. If the brand consists of several collections, cosmetic mirror can be added in special collection of the brand. Make-up mirror is also can be presented as an independent complementary accessory regardless the brand.
Make-up mirror is not only necessary accessory for each woman, it also complements woman’s style. Make-up mirror is an appropriate and essential object in woman’s purse. In contrast to the mirrors that are placed in blusher, eye shadows and powder, there is a targeted usage of the make-up mirror. For example, why the woman should open powder or eye shadows, if she does not want to use it – for this purpose she needs make-up mirror, comfortable, stylish and beautiful. Today a lot of make-up mirrors have two mirrors – simple and magnifying, what is impossible in the cosmetic packaging.
Make-up mirror is a good gift, as a souvenir or the accessory in the gift set. A wide assortment of make-up mirrors, offered to buyers, helps to develop your business and here only rule takes place - rich assortment gives good sales.Some information making to think. How the buyers choose the mirror? It is one simple answer – everything depends of the woman’s style, clothes, jeweler and shoes which in common create her image. For example, if the woman prefers one-color clothes and things with geometrical patterns, so she will choose the mirror with the geometrical and minimalist patterns. If the flowing lines or flowers are preferred, so the mirror with flowers and lines will be chosen. Color also plays a big role. For example, if the woman wardrobe consists of “warm” color clothes (red, brown, yellow, beige) she will choose the mirror with the gold sputtering. If “cold” colors ( blue, pink and pueple) are preferred we recommend mirrors with silver or mirrored galvanic surface.
Packaging is better to discuss separately in each case, because it depends on clients requirements. If the conformity to the brand style is necessary it will give special requirements. If mirrors are produced as a separate accessory it will widen the bounds of creative offer.
Products can be produced with client’s logo and decorations, which are printed on the initial and secondary packaging, but here there will be quantity restrictions. Delivery time is reviewed individually in each case.