Make-up sharpener is one of important accessories in make-up, because a make-up pencil in contrast to writing has its own technical specialties.
Firstly, it is connected with the angle of sharpening. Make-up pencil unlike the writing has a very soft texture of the filling material. The contact with the skin must be soft and delicate. The tip of the pencil should not be too pointed, it must be slightly rounded. Eye pencils have a very soft texture and there are special sharpener for them, eyebrow pencils can be sharpened more pointed.
In modern make-up life a wooden pencil has important advantages than mechanical – it is more hygienically thanks to its hermetical qualities. The rod is tightly placed without air access what ensures long usage. To get new texture you need just sharpen the pencil.
There is a wide variety of designs of pencil sharpeners and all of them are divided in to following types:
1. Sharpener for the 1 diameter: a) Standard diameter; b) increased diameter; c) thin pencil
2. Sharpener with two inlets for two different diameters

Make-up sharpener is always can find its place in the creation of brand assortment:
1. as independent complementary accessory with own packaging
2. as element of packaging arrangement: pencil and sharpener in one packaging
3. as element of a make-up set on the card: pencil+sharpener