Having the all assortment of color cosmetics is not enough for creation of the beautiful make-up. Make-up brushes are necessary tools for the perfect finished look.
Make-up brushes are widely used tools for all kinds of make-up. They help in the application of all products of color cosmetics, comfortable to use and easy to wash.
Assortment spreading in the brand development has a significant role and make-up brushes harmonize in any category of a mass market as well as for luxurious version. A lot of famous brands offer a wide range of make-up brushes in various combinations and packaging.
This is a guaranteed format of the offer in the product line.

Make-up brushes as well as art brushes can be made of natural and synthetic fur. Natural brushes usually made of squirrel, sable, goat and pony fur. The price depends of the choice of fur. Brushes made of sable fur are considered as the best brushes and the most expensive. Brushes from synthetic fur have always been progressive and in the feature, possibly, our society will produce texture of synthetic fur with better qualities than natural.

Modern make-up brushes made of synthetic fur sometimes are not much worse than natural and the usage of them in the final make-up stage for polishing powdered complexion is their best application.Synthetics are good for lips; hard and never stick, perfect in texture application.

In our photo gallery you will find a wide range of make-up brushes, from classic to module complex formats in various packages.

Make-up brushes care
Make-up brushes should be washed at least once per month. All brushes can be washed in warm water with soap, shower gel or soft shampoo. During washing the initial form of brushes should be saved. After that, brushes should be properly rinsed in warm water and dried on a clean dry towel.