Mascara shouldn’t have only high quality texture; correctly matched mascara brush has a high importance and today is the most urgent factor in the manufacturing of finished products. Most famous brands produce their mascara with different types of brushes to allow users find the most suitable for their physiological peculiar brushes.

Art Soffio offers for a wide rang of brushes from different materials.

Classic silicone brush

Provides even distribution of texture and separation of lashes. Silicone brush is an innovative development of cosmetic industry. This brush will not give super-volume or very, very long effect, but it will separate lashes like mascara with original brush can do. Mascara with silicone brush is ideal for all clients which want to achieve natural density and length of lashes.

Plastic brush with rare bristles

This is practically complete lack of separation. This brush separates lashes on islands for a given configuration. Mascara with this kind of brush is suitable for ladies with rare lashes. At the same time, brush is not advised for users with thin and soft lashes.

Brushes with denser plastic bristles

Provides volume from the roots, but not intended in giving form, that is why this brush is more advisable for ladies with short lashes, because long lashes can take arched form.


Brushes with ordinary nap are the most demanded and popular. Popularity of these brushes is explained by conservatism, because silicone and plastic brushes are innovations in modern cosmetic make-up industry and possibly, the nearest future will equalize its demand.

There are some tips about each brush that help to choose the correct form.

Brushes with solid bristle are created for fluffy volume. These brushes perfectly separate soft lashes and not advised for hard and naughty lashes.
Brush with helical bristles is a universal brush and ideal for hard lashes. Its grooves seems like they are parallel, but in reality, they are in a spiral form, that is why you can achieve a beautiful bend of lashes and additional volume. During application, this brush should be scrolled at the base of the eyelashes. Not recommended for very thin lashes.
Brushes with long bristle excellently comb lashes leaving a big amount of mascara, what gives a super result.
Brushes with short bristle are comfortable for applying mascara in corners of eyes, besides, they are less soil eyelids.
Brushes with short bristle from sides combined advantages of the previous two – they make eyelashes voluminous and well stained corners of the eyes.
Brush with longer bristles on the edges raises the lashes and make them more twisted.